Wayne County FCFC Shared Plan

Since 1993, Family and Children First Councils have been required to develop and implement a process that evaluates and prioritizes services, fills gaps and creates new approaches to getting better outcomes for families and children. In 2006, changes to the law (House Bill 289) elevated this requirement and increased accountability by requiring county FCFCs to establish a process to identify local priorities, monitor progress of meeting these local priorities with indicators established by the FCFCs, and develop an annual plan that identifies the local inter-agency efforts to enhance child well-being in the county. County FCFCs are also required to demonstrate progress of increasing child well-being by reporting annually to the Ohio FCF Cabinet Council and the county commissioners. This is Wayne County’s Shared Plan for 2020-22.


Reduce the number of kids and time in out of home placement

Reduce out of home placement by 50%: Wayne County currently (4/06/19) has 153 children living outside of their parent’s home, in treatment facilities, detention and foster homes. Our goal is to reduce that number to 73 by 7/1/2021*

 Reduce the amount of time in out of home placement by 50%: On December 28, 2018 our kids were spending an average of one year and three months in out of home placement. Our goal is to reduce that to 7.5 months by 7/1/22*

 *(These numbers will be recorded in July and December.)

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increase youth assets

Research shows that the more Developmental Assets young people experience, the less likely they are to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors including underage drinking, violence, illicit drug use, sexual activity, gambling, eating disorders and school truancy. 

Research in Wayne County, conducted by One-Eighty and Dr. Michael Vimont, Ashland University, indicates that having 5 or more assets is a good predictor of not using alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.

In Wayne County, we track 13 assets:

  • Use Of Time (Group/Sports)

  • Non-Parental Adult Role Model

  • Use Of Time (Religion)

  • Religiosity

  • Community Involvement

  • Responsible Choices

  • Future Aspirations

  • Future Aspirations- Education

  • Peer Role Model

  • Family Communication

  • Self Confidence

  • Cultural Respect

  • Good Health Practices

  • Parental Modeling

Goal: Increase the percentage of youth displaying a majority of developmental assets by 14% as measured in the Youth Asset Substance Use Survey from 66% in September, 2017 to 75% by September, 2020. We have surpassed our goal, ahead of schedule (81%) and will work to maintain that number while evaluating whether or not this is an anomaly.

2018 Youth Asset Substance Use Survey


Keep our families substance free

Increase the number of families taking part in Family Dependency Treatment Court: This new specialty docket is beginning to increase the number of parents served. We aim to increase the number by 200% (6/2018) Having successfully reached this goal, we are increasing our target number from 8 to 15 by 6/2020.

Reduce the number of deaths caused by substance use/overdose:  Wayne County reduced its number of drug related deaths by 67.5% from 2016 to 2017. Although our goal is zero deaths, it is realistic to reduce that number by another 50% to 12 deaths by CY 2020.

Fewer children/youth are effected by Substance use: In December of 2017, 64.5% of Wayne County Multi-System youth in out of home residential treatment placement had documented substance use by their custodians, or themselves. Although our goal is that no children would be effected by substance use, it is realistic that we reduce this number by 20% to 44.5%. (6/2018) Having successfully reached this goal, we are decreasing our target percentage to 30% by December 2020.